Virtue Spire IV Loader Reality Brush Camo


With the new Spire IV, you get everything you love and need in a loader with all new Proactive Feeding logic that works more reliably.

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So you bought a “Lambo” but you want to “fly under the radar”. Boy do I have the product for you. So we took your Lambo and made it CAMO. Yeah that CAMO. Like “where did it go?” and “I cant see it anymore” camo. We highly suggest that once you put it on your marker, you leave it there, because chances are high that you might lose it, cuz its CAMO. Put this bad ass loader on your model 98 custom from 1973 and we would like to say you could shoot like 472 ball per second but we all know that’s not true. But it is CAMO. Get in here and buy this thing before the trend changes and tall tee’s and karate belts are “AGG” again.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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