Virtue Spire IV Loader 280 Black


With the new Spire IV, you get everything you love and need in a loader with all new Proactive Feeding logic that works more reliably. But bigger and this one isn’t camo.

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So occasionally I catch an episode of Diesel Bro’s on tv. These guys do some crazy stuff and its the same kind of stuff I would if I had that kind of money. They do stuff like Pimp My Ride used to, but way better and for rednecks, cuz rednecks got to haul stuff around. TRUCK GANG. So if you need to haul around a few extra paintballs because you cant hit anything just like me, the SPIRE IV 280 is the way to go. This aint no extended cab datsun. This thing is more like the jacked up crew cab, rolling coal 4×4 that you see with bad ass dirt bikes in the back towing a cool ski boat heading out to have the fun you wish you could.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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